Play Subway Surfers Havana Online

Grab your cigars and get ready to salsa dance your way through the colorful streets of Havana in the latest high-energy update for the endless running game Subway Surfers!

In Subway Surfers Havana, the vibrant Cuban capital comes alive with incredible detail. The visuals pop with bright colors, rendering iconic sites like the El Capitolio building, classic American cars cruising along the Malecón, and lively street musicians on every corner.

New character outfits let you run as figures embodying Cuba’s rich culture – from rumberos in dazzling dance costumes to tajameras selling fruit from traditional street carts. Customize with accessories like maracas, palm leaf hats, and adorable baby gecko sidekicks.

The gameplay keeps you swiping, jumping, and dodging through the narrow streets, hopping between the rooftops of Spanish colonial buildings. But now you can also grind along telephone cables, catch rides on classic ’50s cars, and even surf through the air clinging to a flying kite!

Play Subway Surfers Havana Online

Power-ups get a Cuban twist, like distracting the guard by leaving a trail of cigars, summoning a mighty roquero spirit, or getting a speed boost from a swig of iconic Cuban coffee. The pulsing soundtrack blends classic salsa beats with hip reggaeton rhythms.

To play online, just fire up Subway Surfers on your mobile device or visit the official website. Then choose the “Havana” location and get ready for an endless runner experience bursting with the colors, culture, and high-octane energy of one of the world’s most vibrant cities!

Unlock new boards styled after the Cuban flag, cigar boxes, and decorative tile motifs as you endlessly weave through the lively streets of Old Havana. ¡Vámonos!

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