Subway Surfers San Francisco 2024 Online POKI

Hang ten and get ready to shred some endless pavement in Subway Surfers San Francisco! This gnarly update transports players to the hilly streets and iconic sights of one of America’s most vibrant cities.

The visuals are totally rad, rendering San Francisco’s famous skyline and landmarks in crisp detailed graphics. You’ll recognize the towering Golden Gate Bridge, historic cable cars clanging down steep slopes, and pristine Victorian homes.

New character outfits let you run as a flower child straight out of the Summer of Love, a trendy techie from Silicon Valley, or even famous San Fran natives like a baseball player or mischievous golden gate bridge worker. Deck out with accessories like skateboards, VR headsets, and sourdough bread power-ups.

Subway Surfers San Francisco POKI

The core gameplay keeps that addictive endless runner style, swiping and jumping over obstacles. But now you can grind down San Fran’s tight alleyways on a cable car’s roof or catch big air jumping Luke’s crookedest streets on a skateboard.

New power-ups are totally West Coast inspired – leave a slippery trail of rice-a-roni, summon an earthquake to shake up the inspector, or enlist the golden gate crusaders for protection. The thumping soundtrack mixes punk rock riffs with hyped up hip-hop beats.

From Chinatown’s dragon gates to breezy Fisherman’s Wharf, Subway Surfers San Francisco captures the colorful culture, stunning beauty, and laidback athletic vibe of this iconic bayside city. It’s an endless running experience that never bails or runs out of awesome West Coast thrills!

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